Latest Blog Articles on changes and additions to police beat central.en-usSat, 04 Jan 2020 07:28:01 +0000django built in template tags built in template tags are very useful in data manipulation, conditional data rendering and template re-usability with template inheritance. forms and it's usage forms are used to validate the information submitted by the user and send the error responses back to the user if any. django app deployment has awesome deployment features. Deploying the django application with kubernetes pretty awesome. Let's deploy a django application using kubernetes. forms getting started forms are allow user to enter the data and send it to the server to use it further. django forms are powerful and generates the html form elements compose for django compose is used to deploy multiple services in the containers like Django application, PostgreSQL database and Running Migrations. struct convert unix timestamp to date string's quickly check how we can convert unix timestamp or epoch time to date string in a Go language. model CRUD operations's do CRUD operations on django model. Let's write basic queries like insert, update and delete queries using django ORM. flask app inside docker is container platform is used by hundreds of develops and system admins to build, share and run applications. create table from model create table in the database with django is to create a django model with all required fields and then create migrations and apply them. database connectivity supports various relational databases like SQLite, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle. Django is completely designed for Relational Databases template using if...elif...else can use if...elif..else conditionals in django template. The only difference between python code and django template code is it's syntax. template for loop provides a template tag "for" to provide the for loop functionality in django templates. pass data from view to template seperate business logic from presentational logic. We write business logic in views and we pass data to templates to present the data. in Django Rest Framework in Django Rest are used to give response to a request with specific media type like JSON, XML, YAML, etc. in Django Rest Framework in Django Rest are used to parse the content of incoming HTTP request. Parsers can parse different HTTP content types like "applicaion/json", etc.