Javascript Getters and Setters

Getters and Setters in Javascript

Why to use Getters and Setters?

  • We generally define and use the properties in the javascript.
  • We access the attribute and change it's value if requied.
  • But, some times we may need to return data based on some computations, for that we can use the functions.
  • But, can't use it as an attribute but with getters we can access the value and with setters we can set the value.
  • get keyword is used for getter and set keyword is used for setter.

Example use of Getters and Setters

var person = {
    firstName: 'Jimmy',
    lastName: 'Smith',

    get fullName() {
        return this.firstName + ' ' + this.lastName;

    set fullName (name) {
        var words = name.toString().split(' ');
        this.firstName = words[0] || '';
        this.lastName = words[1] || '';
  • we can use fullName attribute to get the full name like console.log(person.fullName)
  • we can update the firstName and lastName by setting fullName like below.
person.fullName = 'Vin Diesel'
console.log(person.firstName); // Vin
console.log(person.lastName) // Diesel