why tuple is faster than list in python ?

why tuple is faster than list in python ?

In python we have two types of objects. 1. Mutable,  2. Immutable. In python lists comes under mutable objects and tuples comes under immutable objects.

  • Tuples are stored in a single block of memory. Tuples are immutalbe so, It doesn't require extraspace to store new objects.
  • Lists are allocated in two blocks: the fixed one with all the Python object information and a variable sized block for the data.
  • It is the reason creating a tuple is faster than List.
  • It also explains the slight difference in indexing speed is faster than lists, because in tuples for indexing it follows fewer pointers.

Advantages using tuples:

  • Tuples is that they use less memory where lists use more memory
  • We can use tuples in a dictionary as a key but it's not possible with lists
  • We can access element with an index in both tuples and lists

Disadvantages of tuples

  • We cannot add an element to tuple but we can add element to list.
  • We can't sort a tuple but in a list we can sort by calling "list.sort()" method.
  • We can't remove an element in tuple but in list we can remove element
  • We can't replace an element in tuple but you can in a list



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