7 Online Stores That Can Help You Learn Coding in India

Are you looking to kick start your coding journey or enhance your skill set & advance your career in this field? If yes, then this article can be of great help to you. Here you will find details about all the online learning platforms where you can enroll in a coding learning course.

You will be amazed to know that there are several platforms that will let you learn coding for free. Read ahead and find out about all such online platforms for learning coding.


Codecademy is the right place to learn different computer languages and learn to develop websites. This online learning platform is good for new learners as well as professionals who have some background knowledge of coding.

Courses: Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, SQL, Java, C++, Bash, C, PHP, R, Swift, etc. are some of the popular courses to learn the coding languages, featured on this platform. Apart from this, there are several other courses you can take to make your career in the technology field, like AI, web development, data science, web design, cybersecurity, etc.

Pricing: There are three pricing plans: Basic (free access), Plus (Rs 1500/- for a monthly subscription) & Pro (Rs 2500/- for a monthly subscription). You can grab great discounts on yearly subscriptions paid annually.


FreeCodeCamp is more like an online community where you can learn coding for free. Apart from learning to code, you will also be able to work on real-time projects and earn valid certificates after completion of the course. Based on these certificates, you will be able to grab great jobs in tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.

Certification Courses: Responsive web design, JavaScript algorithms & data structures, front-end development libraries, data visualization, relational database certification, backend development & API certification, quality assurance, scientific computing with Python, data analysis with Python, etc.

Pricing: All courses are available for free at FreeCodeCamp


Coursera is one of the leading online learning platforms where you can access 7000+ courses on different subjects & genres. If you search for coding courses you will find hundreds of course options at this platform. You can find courses based on subject, language, learning projects, level, duration, skills, and educator. Many reputed internationally acclaimed universities have partnered with Coursera and you can get your degree and diploma certification from such reputed universities, via Coursera. This institute always ensures improved learning experience for its users.

Courses: You can find courses to learn various skills like Python programming, computer programming, data analysis, web development, Javascript, machine learning, software engineering, algorithms, application development, computer programming tools, etc.

Pricing: Many courses are available for free. If any, fees are charged on specific subjects which you can see once you click on the specific subject link


GeeksforGeeks will help you become a better coder because this online platform has a huge collection of tutorials on coding, practice problems, articles, courses, and everything you need to learn coding.

Courses: Data structures & algorithm, Python, ML & data science, system design, web development, CS subjects, DevOps, Linux, etc. are some of the topics on which you can find courses on this online learning platform.

Pricing: Different courses are priced differently at GeekforGeeks; you can find discount codes for online learning platform like GeekforGeek which can help you grab discount on various courses’ fees.


If you are interested in enrolling in short-duration courses to brush up your skills or acquire a new skill, then you should check out Udemy. You can find thousands of courses on coding, at this platform. In fact, there are coding courses for kids as well, at Udemy. You can take up a course in a multitude of languages (like French, Spanish, Hindi, etc. apart from English) and a range of sub-topics related to coding. You will find courses taught by certified trainers and professionals working in this field.

Courses: You can find courses on Python, JavaScript, web development, Java, HTML, ChatGPT, Unity, PHP, WordPress, CSS, machine learning, iOS development, programming fundamentals, C++, Google Flutter, React JS, etc.

Pricing: Different courses are priced differently at this online store. Usually, a course starts at as low as Rs 500/-.


edX is a one-of-a-kind online institute which is formed with the partnership of Harvard & MIT. You can find 3-year degree courses and other professional courses from known universities like Harvard, Louisiana State University, Adelphi University, University of Massachusetts Boston, etc. You can also find executive education courses at edX.

Courses: How to Code: Simple Data, C++ Programming: Basic Skills, Introduction to Computer Science, From Code to Creation: Mastering Game Programming, R Programming Fundamentals, C Programming: Getting Started, introduction to Java, etc. are basic coding courses featured at edX. C programming with Linux, computer science for artificial intelligence, etc. are some professional courses that you can find at edX. You can also find degree courses from reputed universities like the University of South Carolina, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Gonzaga University, the University of Kansas, etc.

Pricing: It depends upon the course you have enrolled in. The price of a course goes anywhere from a few thousand to a few lakhs.


Udacity is known for its handpicked courses on coding. You can also find nano degree programs in this online course. The duration of your course can range from a few hours to a few months. Also, there are courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels at this online learning platform.

Courses: You can find courses on a range of subjects like data science, programming & development, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, etc.

Pricing: You can enroll in a month-to-month subscription and a 4-month subscription; the latter costs much less compared to the previous one. Every course costs differently at Udacity.